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i might be incorrect, but I believe Alibaba is a connection to cheap Chinese producers. I’m not opposed philosophically with this course, if it provides cheap quality chips. However, I've heard many complain of poor QC from these chip vendors, and right now, with the chaos in the world, especially centered around China, it might be more of a gamble, and would likely involve increased timeframe. But I could be wrong? Just some things to factor in.

as stated already, it’s much safer to utilize the existing site vendors for custom chips. It’s not always going to be as cheap, but rarely have I heard of anyone coming away from a custom order (from a site vendor) with dissatisfaction. :)
looks like sunfly
I'm fairly sure these are the SunFly Polyclay chips they advertise. Possibly SunFly gets this chips blank from Alibaba, I dunno. But I wouldn't be as surprised if it was the case.

In terms of chip quality, in my personal opinion, are the best ceramics I've handled, after handling other ceramic chip manufacturers, if not for the texture and having a mold alone. And pretty great durability.
alibaba is like a mall. some entity w/ an alibaba storefront sells these & likely gets them from or is sunfly

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