New member from Ottawa, Canada (1 Viewer)

Welcome to PCF, fellow Canadian!

You ought to reach out to @Coyotesetter and @Han Trinh specifically. These guys are class acts and can get you fully immersed in the hobby and the game of poker pretty darn fast.

I'll be making a visit to Ottawa at the end of May, and it'd be nice to see you on some of their felts if you are interested.

Have fun, watch your wallet, and don't be too impatient to build a set. Impatience generally means wasted money. (It has for me)

I am new to PCF and I'm from Ottawa, Canada.

Looking to top up my current tournament set of Lucky Bee Edge Spot Nexgen™ Poker Chips - White and Red chips


Looking for a nice set of cash game chips.

Welcome to the forum. Wanna play a cash game on Saturday? PM me if you're interested. Between @Han Trinh and myself there are games running every week.


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