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Aug 4, 2020
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So I decided to build my own table. Went with two pieces of plywood. 22/32 for the base and I believe 1/4 for the top. In the picture below I’ve labeled each section that I cut out of the 1/4 to sit on the base piece. Each piece is designed to bolt in or slide in to be removable.
1) This is the armrest. It’s thin but I wanted more playing room.
2) this is where I’ll use a hole saw to cut out cup holders. I debated on just glueing this piece to the base but I think I’m going to use bolts to fasten it. I know it won’t look as good but at least I can replace that piece if needed.
3) is the felt which I’ll put Two bolts in or I might just leave it as a drop in.

so my questions are,
1)Is it worth it to make a dealer cutout? I’m the only one of my friends who knows how to deal properly so I end up being the dealer all game long.
2) I strongly considered cutting out another armrest trim piece to fix LED light strips on and place it directly under the #1 piece. Can anyone point me in the direction of some good LED lights?? I’ve seen some tables with a poker design diffuser on them. I hate using regular LED strips as they look tacky. Thanks!


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Aug 23, 2013
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Lot going on here.

1 If you’re putting bolts in, they should be recessed so they aren’t felt under the foam. I’d suggest using tnuts and bolts.
2 I think 1/4” is too thin a ply for the top rail layer.
3 hard to tell, are you planning a race track table? If so, please god no. And if you’re planning to put the cup holders IN the racetrack, oh HELL Nah! Do t do it. there have been many threads through the years, on this and other table forums, that discuss how this is a horrible idea.. despite that it “looks” cool and you played at a buddy’s house and that was what his table looked like. a nice full felt oval table “functions” FAR better for poker play.
4 I’d skip the dealer cutout. It overly complicates things, and it’s far easier to have a dedicated dealer play on a full felt table, that it is to play rotating deal on a cutout table. the only way I’d ever consider this, is IF I was a casino, or running a game with a full time paid dealer.. and I’ve played plenty of raked FT dealer games on a full felt table, with out a cutout, and experienced no issues, and the dealers never complained for indicated they needed a cutout.
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