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Oct 5, 2023
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Richmond, VA, US
Hey all, first time poster here. Been lurking for a while, but finally made an account.

I and a few of my neighbors alternate hosting a weekly home game and I'm looking at building a topper that we can transport between our houses (3 houses all in a row, so it won't need to go in a vehicle or anything). Lately we've been 8-10 handed and playing on two folding tables butted up against each other that aren't the same height or sitting way too close so... I'm hoping with a little effort I can improve the setup for our games.

I'm thinking of a 48"x96" semicircle topper that would be designed to anchor to a 72"x30" folding table as well as a 48"x66" dining table.

But I have several questions:
1. I'd like a single piece topper. Besides reducing weight, what could I do to make this thing easier to move? I've seen folding tables with handles underneath, but given this needs to sit flat, there's limited space where a handle could go and I'm not sure it would be useful so far out to the sides.
2. The dining table has a single pedestal leg, is extending this to 96" going to be a problem for tipping? Or the folding tables for that matter?
3. What's the minimum thickness I could go with the playing area? I'm trying to minimize both height and weight. Sounds like I should be aiming for 31" or less. The folding tables give a bit of room to work with as they're 29" high, but the dining table is 30.5", so adding much more height isn't great. Could some sort of reinforcement under the table work?
4. Even if I go 1/4" for the playing area, using 3/4" plywood plus 1" foam for the rail puts me at 32.5" height for the rail. Is reducing the height of the rail a bad idea?

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