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Nov 8, 2014
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Hey all

just thought i would throw some pics up..
mostly they are bridge/jumbo.

I pretty much have all sets covered.
Copag, Kem, Modiano, Da Vinci, Angel, Dal Negro, Cartamundi, desjgn, bicycle, A plus, fournier and gemaco.

I have multiple designs of copag and gemaco, as these are my most used cards in our home game.

out of all these setups, my least faviourites would be Kem. not sure why these good a good rap, or cost the most.
gemaco, fournier and da vinci are the nicest.
Angels, as hard to get as they are, they dont compare to the nicer cards.
The angels i have are the PVC cards (100% plastic). i had the acetate cards in bridge/regular index, and they were a lot nicer.

i still have a heap of cards still unopened.. so if anyone wants any.. hit me up.



Nice! We have similar tastes. I haven't tried Dal Negro or Gemaco.

What are the third cards in on the top and bottom row of Aces?

What style of Gemaco's are your favorite, and how does Dal Negro compare?
top row = A plus. i saw these at kardwell? i think it was.. they are very good cards!
bottom row = da vinci neve

as for gemaco's, i like the 'star'.
ive noticed though there are 2 differing types of gemacos floating around.. 1 has a smooth finish, and 1 has a grainy finish.
I had so many of those Pokerstars plastic cards in the mid 2000s, so many wasted VIP Points on those. After like an hour of use, they were covered in hand gunk and grime.

Hilarious taking trip down memory lane thinking about those.
yeah i dont use them.. but for $10 a set, it was worth a buy

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