Are paper cards always this bad? (2 Viewers)


Mar 31, 2021
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Rapid City, SD
So, one of my regulars at the game I host apparently doesn't know me that well and bought me a set of these "Artisanal Playing Cards" from Theory11.

Beautiful cards, but man were they crap. After the very first shuffle, they were already warped. About 3 hands in all of the cards were so warped they were almost impossible to pitch any distance across the table and we had to retire them.

Ever since I began hosting almost 20 years ago I've always used plastic cards (KEM and Copag back in the day, currently KEM and Desjgn) and haven't used paper cards since I was a kid. My current KEM setup has been going strong for 10 games now (about 70 hours of play) with absolutely no signs of wear.

Do all paper cards suck this much?
Yes. Love them for magic tricks and cardistry but for actual shuffling and use they're just not practical. This is made worse if you're shuffling by the edges like in a casino; much faster and more efficient, but for paper cards they deform much quicker due to the pressure on the corners.
Not always....Piatnik "paper" cards are decent and for some better than decent cause face cards are beautiful.
They made from cotton/celulose mix. Economy line 40/60 %, luxury line 80/20%.
paper cards suck for poker, but i prefer them for pretty much every other card game. tally ho!
These are paper and great. In Poland they have sort of cult following.....


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