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Apr 1, 2013
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Does anyone ever have music playing during a home game? We tend not to have music playing because we prefer the discussion and chat. I was just wondering what other people do. Would music add to the atmosphere or just be an annoying distraction? I can imagine people would keep interrupting the game because they did not like the track that had started playing and so on.
I have a large selection of Music DVD (regular music videos & concerts) -- and unless there's a big sports thing on, I play various disks through the night. However, the volume is down low enough that causal conversation isn't impacted. I find a lot of people really enjoy having something to listen to or watch if they're out of the hand. Trust me, we laugh our butts and talk a ton, but for some reason I enjoy the music & visuals.
Music can be a nice touch but the sounds of cards being shuffled and chips being riffled is usually enough for me.
Usually have pandora station playing in the background, on a folk rock genre station.
Whenever I play home games with my parents and their friends it's always country music playing in the background, but whenever I go out with my friends to some home poker games we're usually playing rap & hip hop or no music at all.
I find that, with the group of friends I usually play with, music contributes to the night becoming more "social" and less "poker", and it cause people to lose the action, get louder and louder, and generally ruins my enjoyment of the game. When I host, no music.
We are usually playing some Lounge-Music in the background.

It´s smooth and relaxing.

Of course, if somebody wants to play without music, we turn it off.

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