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Oct 28, 2014
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god knows what kind of internet rabbit hole i fell through to find this thread (including a poll to determine the hottest RW cast member) on some board i didn't even try to figure out, but it made me really lol to remember some of these folks.

i guess it makes sense that i only really watched seasons 1 through 4 since the beginning coincided with my becoming generally culturally aware (1992) and the end of my tenure as viewer coincided with getting my license (1996) and getting the fuck out of the house instead of watching real world marathons on the weekend.

maybe it will just be this way for mid-30s people, but i have some serious nostalgia for that era. it's pretty hilarious to think back on how completely 90s these shows and these people were, but i still have a soft spot for a lot of them.

the later season were basically irretrievable garbage imo. as soon as they started making the people in the house do tasks or have jobs or something it lost whatever it had going on. mtv actually had a house built in atlanta when i lived there to do a season, but for whatever reason it never happened and so far as i know the house was uninhabited for at least 4 years following. it was right down the street from my house and every time i passed it i was reminded of how bad the show had gotten and how glad i was those numbnuts weren't near me shooting this catastrophe.

nevertheless, i have fond memories of the first four seasons. highlights:

season one

julie and becky become BFFs, kevin drops knowledge on whole house like every episode, becky's paper cup bra, heather is a drug dealer because she has a pager, becky gets some PA fired, everyone loves ugly an ugly dog.

season two

"true storaaaay", "it wasn't not funny", beth s. jamming everybody hurts with the yellow r.e.m. cassette in her honda accord tape deck just like i did with my yellow r.e.m. cassette in my friend's older sister's honda accord tape deck, dominique and aaron becoming friends despite aaron being a huge douche and dom being cool as hell, jon brennan sings "here in the real world" by alan jackson and cries for beth.

season three

puck eats peanut butter with his finger, judd and pam sitting in a tree, mohammad getting all mad because puck said bitch, rachel showing early signs of being a prude who eventually marries a crazy right-wing congressman, pedro RIP.

season four

neil receives a pig's heart with a nail through it for valentines day, jay makes the house go see blues traveler and then later listens pensively to the mountains win again, jacinda is a flowing dress muse, lars is hilarious when he's drunk.
dafuq? is this even real or did your acct get hacked?

all real. i plan on binging season 1 sometime within the next couple weeks and maybe moving forward. the seasons are actually pretty short as it turns out.

"could you get the phone?"

We are on a poker chip site and someone brings up the real world ? really ? Cmon now
We are on a poker chip site and someone brings up the real world ? really ? Cmon now

off topic, deezer. aka, the real world containment sub-forum. all real world discussion, all the time.
It had a ton of value in recent years as a feeder system to the much more entertaining ‘The Challenge’. I think I stopped watching the actual seasons after the Seattle season.

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