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May 27, 2022
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Dayton, OH USA
MSK Gaming Casino de Isthmus City (CDI) Plaques

Welcome to the 2022 PCF Group Buy for MSK Casino de Isthmus City (CDI) plaques designed by Steve/QuickSilver-75. The CDI items in this group buy are identical to the items in the last group buy run by QuickSilver-75 (

A - 82x57mm – CDI $5000

B - 94x66mm - CDI $10000

C - 107x75mm - CDI $25000

D - 82x57mm - CDI $100000

E - 94x66mm - CDI $500000

F - 107x75mm - CDI $1000000

G - Plastic Case for 82x57mm and/or 94x66mm

H - Plastic Case for 107x75mm

  • This group buy is for the benefit of ALL PCF members. I will be transparent on all costs of this group buy as I understand them and do not seek to financially profit from this endeavor.
  • There is a minimum purchase requirement of 10 plaques (in any combination) to be included in the group buy.
  • To be eligible to purchase racks, you must also purchase at least 10 plaques. This is to assure that the shipping costs are fairly distributed among all buyers. If you purchase more racks than fit the number of plaques you ordered, your proportion of shipping costs may be increased to account for the increased bulk in shipping.
  • Orders will be accepted until 11:59PM Eastern Standard Time on Saturday 27 AUG 2022.
  • Once ordering is closed, I will obtain the quote from MSK for the items including all items, fees and shipping and post the invoice in this thread.
  • I will send a private message to each buyer with an invoice and the amount due.
  • Payment is to be made to me via PayPal Friends and Family (PPFF) at the email address in the PM in the amount specified within ten days of the invoice being sent or you may be dropped from the order.
  • The payment will be made to MSK as soon as all invoice payments have been received.
  • MSK charges a 4% PayPal transaction fee which will be included in the purchase. See (
  • Information about the racks is located here:
  • No customization of these plaques is allowed.
  • Please note that the “Asshat” clause is in effect so anyone being unreasonable may be excluded from this group buy.

I will close this group buy to new orders at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time (UTC -5) on Saturday, 27 August 2022
. I will then obtain a quote from MSK with the actual costs and post it.


Payments will be collected in two stages. The first stage will be after I receive the quote from MSK and I will then send out invoices to all buyers in a private message. I will ask for the reshipping address at this time. Payment is expected within 10 days of invoicing. Once all payments have been collected, I will place the order with MSK. It should be approximately 6 weeks after payment to MSK that the items will be produced and another 7-10 days before I will receive the order.

The second stage will be once I receive the order. I estimate that it should take about one week to get everyone's orders packed up and shipped out. Note that it will take longer for international purchasers as I must ship these items to Brie before she can reship to international buyers.


Shipping from MSK to the USA will be split among all group buyers. Cases are lighter, but bulkier and will incur a slightly higher weight/volume percentage compared to plaques. The MSK invoice shipping cost will be split proportionally among all group buyers.

Reshipping – Buyers are responsible for all reshipping costs. The reshipping cost will be the actual cost to reship to your location. No split shipping is allowed. All items must be reshipped to a single address. Please PM if you have any questions or want a more concrete estimate tailored to you. Buyers have the option of including insurance in the full amount of their order because once shipped, the package and its contents are the complete responsibility of the buyer.

CONUS Reshipping: I Michael (DRG) will handle reshipping to CONUS residents at cost via USPS. When the order arrives, I will send a PM to each buyer with the cost of reshipping.

International Reshipping: Brie (FordPickup92) has agreed to handle the international shipping. She will contact each international buyer (if any) with the cost of reshipping. A big thank you to Brie for handling international shipping and enabling those outside the US to be included in this group buy.


NONE. Steve/QuickSilver-75 has given his permission to use the artwork. I am especially grateful to Steve for his generosity by allowing his artwork to be used without any cost to the buyers.


NONE allowed.


All costs are ESTIMATED in USD based upon the last group buy and a minimum of 20 of each denomination being ordered. The final cost will depend upon the actual quantities quoted by MSK for this group buy.

A - 82x57mm $5000 - $5.76 each
B - 94x66mm $10000 - $7.29 each
C - 107x75mm $25000 - $9.22 each
D - 82x57mm $100000 - $5.76 each
E - 94x66mm $500000 - $7.29 each
F - 107x75mm $1000000 - $9.22 each
G - Plastic Case for 82x57mm and/or 94x66mm - $5.50 each
H - Plastic Case for 107x75mm - $5.50 each


There is a minimum purchase requirement of 10 plaques in any combination you choose. In order to purchase racks, you must also purchase at least 10 plaques!

Place your order in the following format:

A x _____
B x _____
C x _____
D x _____
E x _____
F x _____
G x _____
H x _____

For example, if you wanted (8) $10K plaques, (2) $500K plaques, and a Plastic Case for 82x57mm / 94x66mm, you would post the following:

B x 8
E x 2
G x 1

If you need to revise your order, please POST A NEW COMMENT to this thread with your changes. Do not edit your original post or it may get missed!

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D x 10

Thank you for running this!

If another buy happens, I'd love to have MSK 60mm CDI buttons made...
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The images look broken to me.
Can assure you these art work files were made by one of the greatest designers out there @Quicksilver-75 and his actual files are phenomenal

We are at the beach (till sunday) but when I get home I will check on how many I need to fill the racks. Likely 30 - 40 plaque order coming!

Thanks for running this @DRG

Also still been slacking on @Pinkdan set breakdown... I'm sure I can fenagle it a bit to shoe him he "needs" more plaques! Lmao
I will take a peak when I get home, but not sure I would hit the minimums on each with the high denoms
The minimum is 10 plaques total in any combination you choose. I believe the estimated prices from the last buy were based upon 20 of each type of plaque.
Thanks for the mention I didn’t even know about this buy! No CDI’s for me though, I know I’m sad too, so I don’t need any of these. Buttttt, if there’s a custom artwork GB of these on the future I’d be very interested.
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Hey guys. Here is my breakdown of Cdi chips
100 x 160
500 x 140
1000 x 140
5000 x 60

I would love some plaques. Could I get some suggestions of what I should add. I would think maybe on some 10k but not too sure. This is for a 2 table 10k tourney with rebuys. But we may also play up to. 20k starting stack with no rebuys. I have only hosted a 2 table tournament once. Usually it’s a 1 table 10 guys game that’s either 10k or 20k starting stack
Last chance for anyone who was considering adding their request for these awesome CDI plaques.
I am updating the request for quote tomorrow !
This is what happens when you've been inactive for years and you log on and see what you've been missing .

Good luck with the group buy, everyone! These plaques are amazing and I'm sorry to have missed it .

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