Most Disgusting Poker Story (1 Viewer)

I once played in a VFW tournament with a guy who had some sort of nasty skin cancer on his face. He had several patches on his face which were wet. Not dripping, but clearly oozing a little. I wound up spending 75% of my time watching to see if he rubbed his face or otherwise touched these patches. All in all it completely distracted and tilted me. Finally shoved with a weak hand and got out.
I can tell you stories from the police world of arresting someone for committing a major felony in an establishment and as he's being hauled out the manager is chasing after him to give him a refund because company policy doesn't want any hard feelings. It's like "dude, he was carrying a gun and just slugged one of your bartenders!"

Patiently waiting for this thread ;)
The real question: was this just the first time he got caught? I hope they deep cleaned the entire room.

And anyone who owns PCA chips now can be somewhat concerned that a dude who whipped his junk out at the table probably handled some of their chips.

Having played at PCA I can pretty much guarantee they never bothered to clean anything.
The tables are so clean here in Iceland that a player started snorting "coke" mid game the other night.
Right off the felt
Doyle always has good stories -
  1. Nick “Shoeshine” Simpson – He was abusive on to the dealers. Nick was the head man in the cheating rings in the 60’s and 70’s. I once saw him urinate under the table on a dealer’s leg after a bad beat. Bill Boyd, former card room manager at the Golden Nugget once shot Nick in the butt after warning Nick not to cheat. I always admired Bill for that.
  2. “Nate” Lanette – Please, no racist comments about his name. That is what everybody called him before he died in the early 70’s. He bit a dealer’s ear off in the Stardust then returned the next day and gave the dealer $5,000. Nate was questioned in the shooting death of mobster Arnold Rothstein after an argument about a poker game.
  3. Stu Ungar – Stu “The Kid” Ungar was the most volatile person I’ve ever seen at a poker table. It was like some demon possessed person you see in horror movies. He would just erupt and use the most foul language you can imagine. I saw Stu spit on bad cards and throw them back to the dealer. Away from poker, he was a likeable person.

I always thought it was Puggy Pearson that pissed on a dealer, but I guess I got it wrong.

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