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Mar 23, 2013
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20 more Paulson chip racks came in today. All my chips have a home now. :)

Nice, I need to pick up 10 of them one of these days. Now go fill em up with chips and take some pics :)
You can try Marlow's, otherwise ApachePokerChips in the USA.
Looks like Apache does not sell Paulson racks anymore. I'm glad I stocked up a while back.
Since apache quit selling Paulson racks anyone else know where to get some?
Since apache quit selling Paulson racks anyone else know where to get some?

Paulson stopped selling them to the home market. Going to a casino is your best bet now.
The 66.7 mm chip rack from Palm Imports fit 20 Paulsons to a row perfectly. Just bought 10 of them for my recently purchased 1,000 Paulson Classic set.
I have 20 or 30 of the racks labeled "66.7" (not "67.7") on the bottom of the middle barrel. The width of the barrels in these racks is generally OK, though it varies a bit from barrel to barrel and rack to rack more than the barrels in Paulson racks. What bugs me about these "66.7" racks, though, is the fact that the bottoms of the barrels aren't flat, and some chips poke up higher than the rest (typically, the the first and last chips). Stacks of these racks tend to be a little wobbly, too.

What has your experience been?

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