Mixed mold ASM tourney set...help me pick a T1000 and bounty (1 Viewer)


Jun 4, 2023
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Washington, D.C. area

I assembled this STT set with mixed ASM molds. As is, it is playable as a base T5 set, but thinking of adding T1000 rack to make it flexible between base T5 or base T25.
  1. All additions must be a different ASM/CPC mold.
  2. I want to keep the label theme of a red denom.
  3. I want to avoid relabels of anything except the bounty
First off, should I add a rack of T1000s? Buying the $1000 from Key West would be the quickest path.

For the bounty, I have three ideas. Any better ideas?
  • If I add a different T1000, I could relabel the St. Mary's as a bounty
  • I could relabel the no mold roulettes as bounty, leaving the original wheel on one side
  • Buy a barrel of Atlantic A molds from CPC and relabel them. Could even get 43mm

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