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Aug 1, 2014
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I'm heading with a friend to Windsor/Detroit at the month's end. My plan is to spend some Tax money to build a playable cash set of MGM's. Getting a couple racks of near mint 1's should be easy enough with a few hours of sorting. The trick maybe getting the quarters. I phoned the casino and asked the cashier "if I come in and want to buy $100 worth of 25¢ chips can I do that?" She kind of laughed and said "yeah, I guess, but why?" I told her that I had heard that the casino kind of frowns on that and she said she doesn't know anything about that. So, who has experience doing this? My thought was to try my luck and aim high for the four racks. if they say no I can probably still get one and try back later.

Any info would be good.
I would go there immediately, find the woman you spoke with on the phone, and buy as many racks of quarters she is willing to sell. And then get out of there real fast. There's a reason racks of casino quarters go for the prices they do. They are usually quite difficult to get.

I haven't had much (if any) luck trying to have people harvest quarters for me. I hope you get better results.
what games do the 25c play in? maybe no-min blackjack? or do they not have $2.50s? just curious what games the 25c are used
I'm from the area and have a buddy who used to harvest the quarters from Detroit casinos. In the good old days I think he used to be able to get a rack a month or so, but they wised up. The 25 cent chips cost them more than 25 cents, and we all know casinos hate to lose money. Maybe since time has passed new employees don't know the drill. Also I think the fracs are only used in limited games so the quantities are not very great. Good luck!

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what games do the 25c play in? maybe no-min blackjack? or do they not have $2.50s? just curious what games the 25c are used

I thought it was Pai-Gow but can't remember for sure.
Not every cashier knows all the rules... no casino is happy selling chips for $.25 which cost them more than $.25 to buy, for obvious reasons.

Also, I didn't think any Atlantic City casino ever did fracs, until I checked on it just now... Apparently, the Atlantic Club (the only "Locals" casino in AC) tried to do fracs at the tables for a while.
Getting a couple racks of near mint 1's should be easy enough with a few hours of sorting.
Any info would be good.

Even the $1s might not be as easy to get as it seems Quick... I play there maybe once a month and have NEVER seen any $1s even close to mint... It just might be luck of the draw and I hope you do find some... I think sooner rather than later they need to start replacing both the $1s and $5s as they are 'waffles' right now... I hope it coincides with your visit!

The poker room is not on the casino floor, it's in a separate room on a higher floor so you won't find quarters there... You have to go closer to the other table games on the main floor for those... Comparatively, the quarters are in MUCH better shape than the other chips (when you can find them! ;))

Just let me know when you're coming, if I have a game going at my place, you guys can come over... I'm 30 mins NW of Detroit...

Good luck with your hunt!
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Only game where quarters play is pai-gow. There are only a few on each table and they don't let you keep them.
I put a few years to finish my set!
Tokens are MINT, near mint and in the worst some a vgc.
There is 110 x Las Vegas label 5c
110 x 25c
200 x $1
100 x $2.5
20 x $5
10 plaques
10 oversize label nvc

I have can be a $1 system stand Las Vegas if you want.

Went to the MGM and left 168 chips shy of my goal. But considering there was only two PaiGow tables going I think I did remarkably well. Each table only had two barrels. When I asked the dealer for $5 worth she flat out said no. But i'm a bit of an asshole and knew I'd get my way. So I started asking her why rather loudly until the pitboss came over asking what I wanted. She also refused. I could see the full table was getting pissed and just wanted to play so used it to my advantage. I pressed on. Finally the dealer just put $3 worth out and two $1's and snapped my money Then next table was a little more forthcoming and just ponied up the full barrel!

Voila! My collection has started!
Cool. No issues leaving the table with them?
That is an impressive haul on a first try. When I was in town on business, I tried twice and didn't get a thing. I already had two racks of these though.


So if I have this correct. The casino opened in 1999. In 2007 the started using the current chips. Soooo is it possible that 2015 they will start using new chips? Every eight years? Could that maybe explain why the casino doesn't or hasn't just ordered more of the current quarters?

Love the faux cog look. Makes the inlay not so plain.

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