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Jun 14, 2022
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Have any of your players ever said:

"Sure, I like playing poker, but sometimes I forget how many people I've knocked out!"

"The blood of the fallen replenish me."

"Gee whillackers, I hate knocking 2 people out but leaving with nothing because that idiot host hit his 2-outer to get me out on the bubble."

" I want to play a bounty tournament."

If you've heard your players saying any of the above statements, I've got just the solution: bounty tournaments. Boom. I know its a wild idea but hear me out. Kills count, we've known this since we played Halo, Quake, or followed the Zodiac Killer's writings. These chips allow more people to leave with money, adds bonusses for playing aggressively, and makes poker more fun for people who don't often play. I only used them a few times but each time it was mostly people who rarely play and had a blast leaving with the extra $5 after knocking someone out. Its a good feeling!

For sale here are 3 different versions of bounty chips. Believe all are from BRPro poker, very high quality ceramics, stack just fine. Only used once or twice each.
20 39mm chips - Nevada Jack (but just say Bounty) chips $28 shipped
10 39mm chips - Doc's Gambling Hall Reward chips $15 shipped
All 30 for $35 shipped, save me some work.

20 43mm - Scrub Donkey "RELOAD" chips $24 shipped (SOLD)
Piece of history, let me tell you. These chips make you feel bad when you have to rebuy.
(I've used them for tournaments where your buyin gets you one rebuy; if you don't use it by Level XX, then its traded in for some amount of chips at a break).

If you want all 50 quality ceramic chips, take it for $55 shipped anywhere in the US, $10 towards shipping anywhere else.

As always, very open to haggling for cards/chips/sincere compliments about my hands since @inapinch said they were too hairy.




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Lowered again, you mooks. This is cheaper than BRPro if they were to give you free shipping. Can also haggle for chips/cards/whatever
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