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Nov 9, 2014
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Outlet Mall in San Marcos
Playing 1-1 live, a total of seven of us. The weather is horrible with thunder, lightning, torrential rain but no hail or violent winds. The mostly useless weather alerts are spewing false alarms and low intensity threats so no one catches the "death is coming run for the hills" alert . . . . Turns out there was an epic rain event up stream and the river is going to break records shortly. (Keep in mind this is the Texas hill country where low water crossings are common and flash floods can be devastating. We don't know it at the time but a 40 foot wall of water is coming.)

I am getting something from the kitchen and see a radar feed showing a break in the rain is coming up soon. So, I propose we play another 15 minutes and the call it a night. So the game breaks up about 11:30. By 12:30 the flood strikes. We have floating houses hitting the main bridge, lesser bridges are dozens of feet underwater and a couple fail totally. All of my players get home just in time. Whew. Other folks not so lucky. So far three dead and another dozen missing. About 5% of the locals are homeless. The main bridge to town is damaged, closed maybe for months (and that is a hour's detour.)

I live at the tip top of a 300 foot high hill, so flood waters don't get close to my house. But if we had waited till our normal ending time some of the players would have been at serious risk.

Turn around, don't drown is good advice. Its like a real life free-roll vs. death -=- DrStrange
Wow, that's nuts. Very glad everyone is okay! I can't help but think how it would go if that happened during one of our games. I fear that the "it'll be fine; let's play another round" contingent would win out...

So now I know what town you live in - as someone who spent significant time in that general area as a teenager/young adult, I've always been curious. :)
Glad to hear everyone is OK and you called the game early. Although true degens would've seen this as a sign to continue playing until the weather and flooding clear.

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