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Nov 7, 2014
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My 22 year old nephew walked into the house with ten $2 scratch off tickets. He is excited about his lucky feeling that he is going to win back his investment, then some. He believes he has two winners. He asked me for my guess as to the number of winners. I said my guess is zero. I tried to explain to him how lopsided his chances are of coming out ahead, but that didn't shake his confidence any.

So I took the opportunity to offer him $30 for his sleeve of tickets. He declined rather quickly. I raised my offer to $40, to which he also declined. I asked him are you sure? You can buy twice as many tickets. That is when superstition kicked in, raising the value of the tickets in his mind. He wasn't about to let those tickets go and I wasn't about to offer him more than the $40.

He pulled out his lucky nickel and got to scratching. Nothing, nothing, nothing again, on down the line to the very end, where he struck gold! $2!

I love Christmas!
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