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Jun 6, 2019
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At tonight’s game, we have this guy at our table who’s a huge fish when it comes to Omaha. He continues to reiterate that Omaha is just a game of bingo and he’s continually raising blind calling everything and turning over his four cards one by one on the river. Incredibly nice guy who’s just gambling (not grinding).

Same guy tells an interesting story of how he’s about 3.1K deep the previous night and gets all his money in on a flopped set of K’s only to get call by some random guy who goes runner runner for a straight. (not relevant to the story, but interesting lol)

Anyway, this guy gets the button and straddles to 8. Action gets back to him and of course, he raises. Flop comes, he bets when the action gets to him. Turn comes, same thing. River, he bets, and gets 2 callers. They begin to turn hands up, and this guy finally looks at his hand for the first time. Two things. A. Dude turned an up and down straight draw with a flush redraw (he had not yet looked at his cards, and B.) he rivers the nut straight. Here’s the problem. Dude has the nuts, but he realizes he has only 3 cards.

We spend 30 minutes waiting cause the floor has no idea what to do. Floor guy suggests they split the pot evenly, but the guy with the winning hand says he’s not splitting the pot cause he’s tired of giving money back as he had to give money back the previous night when a guy who’s preparing to muck his hand realizes he had the winning boat and turns it over after the pot was pushed to what was thought to be the winning hand. Eventually the agreement is that everyone is refunded their bets and we proceed. For the record TDA Rules says this guy’s hand is supposed to be dead.

Just wondering, do you guys make any exception in your home game for this? I’ve already researched the answer, but I’m just wondering what you guys think, and does that dynamic change if it were a home game, friendly game, etc.
Fouled hands are dead.

It doesn't seem like an unreasonable burden to ask players to make sure they have the right number of cards for the game before putting money in the pot. Same thing for the rest of the table and the dealer. Someone should see something before we get to showdown.

I can fully appreciate why many people would want to find a way to cut this villain some slack. Pouring serious money into the pot without looking at the hand makes for a really exiting night. I also can see the one guy about catch a windfall wanting to kill the three-card hand, per the rules.

This sort of rule about fouled hands being dead really needs to be followed. One can imagine all sorts of angle shooting prospects if we allow newly discovered fouled hands to unwind hands that didn't go their way. We also are likely to find different players get different treatment - some getting unwarranted "redo's" and others suffering the "letter of the rules"

Kill it! -=- DrStrange
At my house, dead. Playing blind is fun and good for the game but make sure youve got cards!

The floor suggesting that you guys split the pot is bananas, I don't like that. My apes would prefer blood so it's either the hand plays or it doesn't, no turning back the clock like its daylight savings.
If you bet without checking the validity of your hand you assume the risk. Hand should have been ruled dead, that should not have taken 30 mins.

I don't get how "pull your bets back" is that much better than splitting the pot.
Ouch. dead hand in a casino for sure. That's a bad beat.

But in a home game, let the man play with 1 hole card if he wants to. Give the pot to him. Minor setback of him donating all his money anyways right?

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