Lead tape? New-age Paulson slug? (1 Viewer)

wouldn't lead tape be rather malleable, easily dented, so something pressed down on the inlay and now you have a depression ??
I would expect the lead tape to be pressed onto the inlay recess then put a label over it per usual. Don’t see how that would “dent” further.
Would you shape the tape in the same shape as the inlay? I would think there would be a bump as the tape wouldn't be as flat as inlay stickers.
I would cut out a 7/8” circle or whatever matches the diameter of the inlay.
As promised, this is the C&J chip I mentioned last night.


It's more likely a sample as I see it has also been canceled. I had forgotten that fact until I took it out of the the display case for the photo. Still in the Air-tite, so a bit of a reflection, but it's clear what they did for this generation of chips.

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