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Two Pair
Nov 8, 2014
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In the correct forum this time :

Hi everybody, it is work in progress and I need some help from you guys on this one...
I'm buying all the chips I like for the moment and will adjust the set as I move forward but the basics are :
- Cash game set with the following denoms : 10ct / 25ct / $1 / $5 / $20 / $100 / $500 (optionnal)
- From 10ct to $20 -> at least one rack per denom
- All chips will have inlays / I prefer dark or color inalys.
- This will be either a "Aurora star" inlay if this is legal (someone to pay for this ?) or a custom one (something like "Dōmus Sextiae") mixed is OK, all the same is better but expensive + mass murder...
- All chips must be Paulson THC Mint or near mint with edgespots, no solids
- ES progression is a nice thing but not mandatory

The chips I've got so far (no my picts, waiting for the mailman) :


Here's the two options I have, what do you think ?

Option 1 : The 25c, $1 and $20 are already OK, need to label the 10c, $5, and $100
More work, need to murder some expensive chips, BUT edgespot progression is nice.
set test1.png

Option 2 : the 25c, $1, $20 are OK and need to label the 10ct, $5 and $100
Less work / good colors / edgespot progression is killed
set test2.png

Option 3 : same as 1, but better and need FULL LABELING


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Thanks ! For this set I just don't look at the money, I'm keeping a list of purschases in excel and forget about the total !

I'm updating the original post with the 3rd option, thanks !
I like @Jeevansluck 's Option 3

If you're relabeling all the chips, might as well make your own custom art too!
Yeah that's better anyway. I'm already in talk with a friend about the art, I need to fix the idea, might post another pool here soon after deciding on the lineup.
FYI if I choose this option I have to label :
100x 10ct
100x 25ct
200x $1
100x $5
100x $20
20x $100

I am skilled enough to do it but BOY 620 CHIPS / 1240 FACES TO DO... How much is it to ship all of this to @Gear
I think I'd have to re-mortgage my house in order to get the line-up and quantities of the chips you're gonna use. Best of luck with your project!
Personally, as a homeowner with a mortgage, I reckon I'd need to first sell the house, then build a fort out of the chips. Continue on from there as normal.
Option 3.
Omg why a 10c and a 25c ?
I'd go with 5c - 25c or 10c - 50c but not 10c - 25c. Making change would be horrible.
This is a very good point. I forgot about this, but years ago I played with a 10c/25c and you can get weird bets...I have a friend who kept betting $x.95 to be "funny."
Biggest problem is not weird bet.
But say the bet is 35c and a player calls with 2 x 25c because he has no 10c left. It'll be a mess to give him his 15c back.
Biggest problem is not weird bet.
But say the bet is 35c and a player calls with 2 x 25c because he has no 10c left. It'll be a mess to give him his 15c back.
The weird bet example was also implying the aftermath. If someone gets 95c and you have three callers who each throw in $1. How do you give back the correct change?

Not even that is really needed. Can always just run .10/.20 which is similar to .25/.25. And can run .50/.50 which is the exact same as .25/.50
« Needed » is not really an important concept here but I get the point, will redo the project with 10ct / 50ct :) 10/10 and 10/20 will be the most frequent games but I’d like to push it to 20/50 or 50/50.
And something like that ? (colors and spots not matching 100%)
I love the first 5...

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