Key West's Labor Day Roulette contest thread - Enter here! (1 Viewer)

That's it! We have posts 2 through 38. Entries are now closed!

Everyone above this posts is in, and has a chance to win tonight's spin of the wheel.

We're all set to spin at 8 p.m. EDT tonight. You can watch the spin live tonight at:

And if you don't catch the spin live, it will be on our Facebook page a few minutes after being live.

See you in six hours!
We have a winner!

The roulette pill landed on "30" this evening, so PCF member chrismurda has won $35 cash.

Congratulations, chrismurda, and thank you to everyone who played in today's contest!

Again, here's a link to watch the spin:


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Thanks for doing the Dennis! It gave my kids one last fun memory of the crazy summer of 2020 before school starts tomorrow morning!

Congrats Chris!!
Did anyone watch live?

I'd love to know if we had a few people actually watching the spin.
My kids and I watched live. They were cheering for an 8 or 31 from the moment you let go of the ball! (In the interest of full disclosure, the younger one rooting for 31 because it’s my wife’s favorite number may not have entirely understood the concept!). Was very fun to see it live though!
Sorry D...passed out at 01.45 AM ;)

Thanks for the fun !
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