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Mar 26, 2013
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Wilmington, DE
The Key West Resort & Casino's
October Sample Set Special and Contest


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To celebrate the arrival of our new Key West Resort & Casino roulette chips, we've decided to do two promotions simultaneously here on Poker Chip Forum. The details:

1. We'll offer a combined, 18-chip sample set at the special price of $20, plus shipping.
2. Six randomly selected chips will be delivered to the buyer as "Live" chips, and their face value, in cash, will be sent with them! These chips will be a 5-cent chip, a 25-cent chip, a $1 chip, a $2.50 chip, and a $5 chip, and one roulette chip valued at $2.


Key West Resort & Casino sample set of 12 denominated chips - $15 *

Key West Resort & Casino sample set of six roulette solids - $6 *

Combined 18-chip sample set - $20 *

(* plus $3 U.S. shipping for the entire package. International orders, PM for actual shipping cost.)


via Paypal to
Please include your PCF name in the notes portion of paypal


To enter, you must be a registered PCF member and order your sample sets by posting in this thread and sending your shipping address to dennis63 via PM on the Poker Chip Forum by October 30, 2013.

Winners of "Live" chips (chips shipped accompanied by their face value in cash) will be selected at random using the following method:

All samples ordered in this contest will go out on October 31, 2013.

All prizes will be awarded, and each sample set package will be numbered, 1 through (the total number of packages). The "live" chip denominations will be randomized, and each package will be assigned a single playing card value until all packages have a card value. A deck of cards will be shuffled on October 30, 2013, and six cards will be dealt, indicating the package numbers into which a live chip will be placed. If fewer than six PCF members buy sample sets, all packages will contain a "Live" chip, and some packages may contain more than one.

Good luck!

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If you and I are the only ones that have ordered from this contest looks like we'll both be getting some "live" chips :)
October "Live Chip" contest winners on PCF!

The winners of tonight's "live chip" contest were Bubble and Mr. Cheese.

In the contest, six chips from sample sets ordered on Poker Chip Forum were "live," and we paid the face value of those chips to the winners who ordered them. Winners were selected at random from among the orders. (There were only two orders for sample sets, so we did a coin-flip to see which gentleman would win which prize. As luck would have it, they each won the toss three times, and the value of their prizes was close.

Bubble won a live $1 chip, a live $2.50 chip, and a live "roulette" chip valued at $2, for a total win of $5.50.

Mr. Cheese won a live nickel, a live quarter, and a live $5 chip, for a total win of $5.30.

We'll add the cash to their sample sets to "pay" the face value of those chips, and send their sample sets off in the morning.

Thank you for playing, gentlemen, and good luck!
Thank you so much Dennis! Can't wait to get the chips in hand! They look beautiful! Thanks again! :)
Yay thank you very much

You're welcome, sir.

Both small flat rate boxes went out at 0830 today, and should arrive to each of you on Saturday.

The contain your sample sets, the prize money, our October "comp" item -- a pair of professional serialized casino dice from ASM -- and two sample playing cards from a Key West deck.
Awesome! I'll definitely post some pictures once I get everything :). Thanks again Dennis!
Got everything in the mail today! Looks great and the "live" chips were a nice bonus :). I love the colors on the Roulette chips. The cards felt nice and the graphics were crystal clear. Thanks for everything Dennis!

Here are some pictures!



I just arrived in Georgia today and opened the package

Again thank you Dennis for the contest

My fav is the .25 from the denom set

The roulettes are amazing

I can defiantly see a order of the roulettes in my future
Great looking chips. Dennis, do you have any plans on making oversized chips for the high value chips?
MikeNV79 --

Right now, I'm just waiting for Classic Poker Chips to get up and running. We'll have an order in to them on day one, if possible, for more Key West chips to replace those not finished by American Standard Molding.

After that, there's no limit to what we can do if there is a demand, but we all need to get to the point where we can get chips made first.

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