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Mar 26, 2013
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Key West announced 2021 chip prices

Small increase for 2021 with new quantity discounts

The retail price for new Key West Resort & Casino chips will increase to $1.95 per chip in 2021. PCF members will continue to receive a discount when buying Key West chips, with a smaller increase in their price.

For PCF members, the price of new denominated Key West chips will increase from $1.79 to $1.89 per chip in quantities of 199 or less, and $1.85 per chip for 200 or more denominated chips. This is an increase of 6 cents per chip over last year's prices.

PCF member prices for Key West non-denominated roulette chips will increase six cents per chip in smaller quantities, and four cents per chip at 200 or more chips.

The formula I use to calculate the price of each type of chip is simply the total I've spent to obtain the chips divided by the number of chips in stock. This method ensures that my price per chip is actually the average price paid for the chips, and would be similar to what I would charge if the chip sales were a "group buy" here on PCF.

Prices for new Key West chips, made by Classic Poker Chips, remain lower than Classic's price for new chips because some portion of our inventory was purchased one or two years ago, when their prices were lower. (The number of those older chips decreases each year as they sell, so the "average" cost of the chips in stock increases.)

The quantity discounts being offered this year are based on the PayPal fees per chip decreasing as the quantities get larger, and is also the reason there's no discount for sample sets. Shipping sample sets can come with a unique set of challenges. The number of chips in a sample set is so low that the total transaction can be subject to PayPal fees of 5 percent or higher.

Recent comments about price and quality of Key West chips

Recently, a few members (who do not own any Key West chips to reference) have posted or emailed or PM'd their opinions about the price of Key West Resort & Casino chips and questioned their quality. Oddly, they each referred to a single, subjective video review of the chips from several years ago, without noting that later, more recent reviews by the same reviewer were much more positive. That reviewer ultimately named Key West as one of his favorite casino chips.

Permit me to state openly that I believe the price of good, high-end clay casino chips is very high, and I understand why many people would not want to pay $1.95, $1.89 or even $1.85 per chip for a Key West chip. Complicating matters, the cost of shipping casino chips has gone insane, and adds to the high cost of the chips.

I also know from experience that the chips are worth, in my opinion, more than the prices listed here, and at least as much as what Classic charges for new, Level 1 H mold chips. (That's $2.03 per chip right now.) I note that the chips are made using the same process and recipe as nearly all the actual gaming table chips in Las Vegas from 1931 until the mid 1980s. So the chips were, in fact, the preferred casino chip for most of the Las Vegas casinos for more than 40 years.

My main goal in offering Key West chips here on PCF, and on another site before PCF existed, is simple: To keep this line of great classic chips alive for people who already own Key West chips and want to be able to get more, and for people who have Key West on their list of "grail" chips and hope someday to own their own set of Key Wests.

So if you like the classic look of Key West chips and always wanted to own a set, then these chips are offered for you. If you like that they're made in the United States by an old-school manufacturer, and that they'll last longer than we will, Key West chips are for you.

If that's not you, and you prefer a different look, a different manufacturer, or some other style of chip, I understand that and wish you well.

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