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Jul 5, 2015
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Orlando, FL
Hello Everyone! I'm surprised and pleased that I just found PCF. I have been reading CT for quite a while, and never knew of you all.

My name is Jim Tyner. I live just outside of Orlando and work for a children's hospital here. I started my obsession with quality poker chips in 1997 (I think) when I bought a set of 98 James Bonds from Charlie Endy himself at the Paulson store in Vegas. He was a real nice guy, and gave me a barrel of his "business cards" which are blue and red chips. I used this set exclusively for about 12 years until I saw the Bahamias. I now have a 2000 chip set of Bahamias as well. I love the giant inlays!

Recently I started putting together a set of Ritz because I think the $1000 orange chip is the best looking chip I have ever seen! I also didn't have any oversize chips. Actually... maybe one of you can help me. I'd like to add 25 $25's and 50 $100's to my set. Do any of you have any you could spare? I'll post a Wanted classified as soon as I get 10 posts.:eek:

Anyway, glad to find you guys! It is a quality community!

Welcome....Bahamias are nice. What is your breakdown?
Welcome! Good luck on filling out your set. Hopefully someone on here can help you out.
Welcome Parrothedd.... Great name:cool:
Nice to have another Buffett fan on board. Glad to see you found your way over from blue screen....
Welcome sir!

c'mon though, you can't post something like this:
I now have a 2000 chip set of Bahamias as well. I love the giant inlays!

without posting a few pics.... :)
I should have thought about taking some pics before I posted... But, better late than never, right?

The loose ones you see are spares for when a player drops a chip on the floor, and one of my crazy dogs swoops in and munches on it before it can be retrieved! It has happened 3 times already! When the zombie apocalypse comes, I'm going to BBQ those dogs. - Just kidding. I love my puppies!


These Ritz are my current work in progress... I could use 25 more $25's and 50 more $100's if anyone can help me out. :)


My original quality set. I think I bought these for $0.40 each from Charlie. The plaques and dealer button came later. My most robust game was when I lived in Columbus, OH about 1999 to 2004. We regularly had 2 tables going of dealer's choice cash games. The most I ever had in the bank was just shy of $5,000. I had 4 $500 chips out. I was one nervous banker then!


I am limiting myself to Paulson in an attempt to force some self control. Wish me luck!

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Great posts, and awesome pics! Welcome to the party!

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