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Mar 31, 2020
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Seattle, Washington US
I’ve been a novice collector for a while. Collected chips from a lot of casinos I’ve played in and bought sample sets of chips I’ve liked over the years. I own a couple full 1000 chip sets in plastic cases, nothing fancy (NexGen Lucky Bee’s & Bluff Canyon’s). Back in ‘07 or ‘08 I bought a roll of WTHC 1’s, and its been my dream set ever since. Which that dream had been crushed over the years until I just discovered this site and seems like I may be able to buy one up at some point here. Still have a dozen or so of those left and they’ve been used pretty well from me spending hours just shuffling them or showing them off to people.

Anyway, just introducing myself and hoping to become part of this community. Thanks
Welcome to the forum!!! I do believe the WTHC sets have been up for sale a few times recently by a couple members. Stay on the lookout!

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