Cash Game Jumping to .25/.25 makes a worlds difference (1 Viewer)

Our crew started played .10/.25 blinds for several years (denoms - .10, .25, 1.00, 5.00 chips) and would always pay out exact change at the end of the night. It was cumbersome and the bank would be slightly off more than it should have been. I played in a different game one night and they played .25/.25 and it was so much simpler. I mentioned it to the main crew about trying it out and its been that way ever since. Starting stacks, payouts, initial raises, etc.. are all easier to deal with as a result.
.I game was .10/.25, but now, as per post #27warning...we are now .25/.25 and $25 initial buy in. I got rid of the .5 chips, and introduced a .50 chip. Easier to count that a bunch of .25...the $1.00 chips are the work horses. The .50 was added just to give everyone a bit more chips to look like its a bigger stack.
now we have to ask 2 people SB/BB if they are checking, calling or raising when it comes back to them.
Gossiping pricks!!! lol
Starting stack - 10- .25 11-.50 , 12-$1.00 1-$5
8 players - Buys in or top ups are typically with $1 and $5

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