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Jan 27, 2024
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Cincinnati, OH
I finally pulled the trigger and registered as a member after a few weeks of spending a significant amount of time reading through PCF.

Stepping back in time about a month before this, I begrudgingly agreed to join a Saturday night poker game that a good friend was hosting. I hadn’t played or thought about poker since the mid-2000s when I was obsessed with the game in high school. After high school, I’ve had a series of interests and hobbies (that I’ve mostly maintained throughout the years). Each have had three primary characteristics in common that are all rabbit holes including: 1) gear/equipment; 2) performance statistics; 3) strategy/psychology. Apparently an excessive amount of acronyms should be the fourth category (the poker community clearly does that well). Anyway, the poker-specific discussions on that Saturday night game spawned my contemplation for how much I enjoyed poker 20 years ago. I’m also hoping it’s the origin story for me quitting my job and winning multiple WSOP events (kidding (kind of)).

Thanks to PCF I’ve already started compiling a collection of playing cards (not to mention GTO apps). This may be a tell for my personality and perhaps neurodivergence (or perhaps the fault lies on the members of this forum for informing me so well), but I started with no decks on Wednesday and ordered these sets on Thursday… Faded Spade, KEM, Desjgn, Copag, Bicycle Prestige, and a set of Bee for nostalgic reasons. Either way, my wife will probably need a cooling off period before a start buying custom chips, but I’m looking forward to the journey!
Love it! Cards are the way to go. Let us know which you like, welcome to the forum. Players are sometimes initially turned off by the slipperiness of plastic cards, but they usually come around just fine to them.
Welcome to PCF !

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