Cancelled JMC9389 Fall Garage Sale: Card Set Ups, Wooden Chip Racks, and Assorted Sample Sets (1 Viewer)

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24 hour bump.

Someone please buy the whole remaining lots. I've had shit days at work lately and don't have much energy to pack.
Last chance to buy all of lot 3. I will be sending PM's this evening if no one scoops the lot in the next 40 minutes. I can ship tomorrow if I receive payment and shipping addresses.
The CDI' 98, BCC Protege, Chicago Star, and Abbiati samples are sold. The CDI '05, BCC CDI's, Paulson Classics, and Chesterfields are all pending. The Key West and Prestige Sunfly Hybrids are both still available.
All paid orders shipped today and should have PM's in their inboxes with tracking numbers.

The wooden racks and Key West and Prestige Sunfly samples are still available. I'll give the Paulson Classics and Chesterfields that are pending another couple days to get back to me before I move onto the next poster that claimed dibs on those lots.
I’m interested in the wood racks. Do you have a source for who made these, if one wanted to get a few more to fill out a set?
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