Cancelled JMC9389 Fall Garage Sale: Card Set Ups, Wooden Chip Racks, and Assorted Sample Sets (1 Viewer)

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Jul 27, 2019
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Putting this sale up before I change my mind.

Photos to come. Prices do not include shipping unless otherwise noted. US addresses only. I will only ship within the 50 US states at this time. No exceptions. Payment by Paypal Friends and Family only. I can't ship until Wednesday September 30 at the earliest. Priority goes to those who buy multiple complete lots and single complete lots for the next 48 hours (until 6pm EST on Tuesday, 9/29/20). Individual sub-lot purchases (based on letter) will be considered starting 48 hours from now (6pm EST on Tuesday, 9/29/20) and in the order that they are reserved if no one claims entire numerical lots in the initial 48 hour window. You can place dibs for individual sub-lots (denoted by letter), but they will not be honored until 48 hours from now. I will of course combine shipping on multiple lots. Dibs means you're purchasing the lot if you claim it.

Lot 1: Extra Card Set Ups: SOLD

Lot 2: Wooden Chip Racks:

A. Single 39mm wooden chip rack with 70mm barrel length. This will fit 21 mint Paulsons snugly and 20 a bite loosely. $15 shipped. @Morgan Dias-Leclerc has first right of refusal as he initially inquired about this but is trying to work out US shipping. I'll allow the 48 hours to lay claim, otherwise, it's up for grabs.

B. Four 43mm wooden chip racks that fit 80 43mm oversize Paulsons comfortably. $75 plus shipping in a MFRB

Take both lots and I'll eat shipping. $90 shipped. Effectively the 39mm rack is free if you take the 43mm racks.

Lot 3: Non-boat chip samples, all will come as pictured:

A. Rounders Chesterfield: Pre-oiled: $20 plus shipping

B. BCC Protege Sample set: SOLD

C. Chicago Star 43mm Sunfly hybrids: SOLD

D. Prestige 43mm Sunfly Sample set: $25 plus shipping

E. Abbiati Complete Cash and Tournament Sample: SOLD

F. Key West Sample: $25 plus shipping

G. CDI '98 Sample: SOLD

H. CDI '05 Sample: $25 plus shipping PENDING

I: BCC CDI Sample: $20 plus shipping-PENDING

J. Paulson Classics Sample: $25 plus shipping-PENDING

Lot 4: Scattered Boat Chip Samples SOLD

Thanks for looking!



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Forgot to mention, for the sample sets, I would like first right of refusal if the buyer ends up selling any of them after acquiring them from me. Thanks! :)
All photos have been uploaded.

I'll be keeping track of your dibs thus far. Unless someone steps up and buys entire lots, I will be sending PM's Tuesday night to collect payment and get shipping addresses from everyone. Single or double sample set purchases will be shipped in padded mailers.
This threads confusing me so releasing dibs :LOL: :laugh:
I didn't think it was too complicated and tried to articulate it, but I guess it is, sorry! :p

Essentially if anyone wants all of lot 1, 2, 3, or 4, they can buy it now. If no one wants to purchase complete lots, I'll consider all dibs for single items after a 48 hour grace period. I'll cover shipping if anyone wants complete lots (by number). I'm trying to avoid packing and sending out 20 different packages, but will if no one wants all of a single lot or more.
Lot 4 Sold. Lot 2 and 3 remain. All dibs for the individual sub-lots for the non-boat chip samples have been noted and will be honored in the order of which dibs was made unless someone scoops the lot before Tuesday night.
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