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Mine Jackpot Casino Real Vegas Set! (1 Viewer)


Full House
Mar 25, 2013
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It is with a very heavy heart that I put these up for sale. I have decided that my need for a decent poker table outweighs my need for quite so many chipsets. I am letting this go so I can finally have a decent poker table. I hope this isn't grounds for expulsion from the forums :rolleyes:


feel free to pm me with any questions

Soo beautiful. Is this the same mold CPC offers for casino orders?

I think you are correct. The only other playable set I have ever seen of them offered for sale were the ones on Craigslist that were all well used. I'm willing to negotiate the price but I have a $1700 in store credit offer from a major dealer. Right now I would rather have the cash for a new table and upcoming Vegas trip.

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