SOLD Jack Detroit Primary $25 Barrels

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Aug 10, 2020
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SF Bay Area, RWC
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Greetings all! Up for sale are 3 mint barrels of Jack Detroit primary $25. They have super sharp edges and look like they have never been felted, but I am not the sole owner of them and I am not an official chip grader so please inspect the photo carefully. Can send more upon request.

$40 per barrel shipped. PPFF or add 5% for goods and services. Free shipping CONUS only. For international will credit buyer with USPS first class shipping.

Priority goes to the buyer of the most/all barrels.

First response in the thread with "Dibs" (if you want them) or "PMing" (if you have questions) has priority.
Post in the thread before sending a PM, so that others can tell what is still available.
"Dibs" means you are making a solid commitment to buy, at the posted price. Releasing is reneging.
Send follow up PM with your info if you "Dibs."
So far everyone here has been pretty cool to no asshat rule needed as of yet!

Thank you for looking!

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