For Sale JACK Cincinnati barrels and racks primary $25 $100 $1k $5k secondary $500 Cinci Cincy (1 Viewer)

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Dec 13, 2015
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Over the past year I put together my *almost* dream set of Jack Cincinnatis and it's time to sell off the extras.

I got most of these from this sale (and will be using the prices I paid as my starting point):

A few notes:

There's a little bit of warping in the $25's, and even less in the $100's. Slightly noticeable in stacks of 20, but if you stack them higher, the wobble becomes more apparent. Nothing that is out of the ordinary for these chips and nothing that inhibits play.

The $500's are EX/NM. I received them in this condition and they haven't hit the felt or been shuffled while I've owned them.

I'm selling the $1k's and the $5k's below average fair market value because I've reversed cherry picked them (basically I'm selling what's left after I already picked out the best). You can see from the pictures that there's some dirt, some dings, and a couple flea bites, but what you can't really see is there's a decent amount of warping. Again, totally still playable and pretty dang sharp, but please know many of them wobble, some of which to a decent degree.

Lastly, this is a modified dibs sale. I’m giving priority to someone buying higher quantities. If person A wants one particular rack, and person B wants the whole lot, I’m going to sell to person B, sorry A! Please call dibs below and then message me. I’ll give it a couple days, and if no one who is buying a larger amount shows interest in what you called dibs on, it’s yours. (Not trying to be a jerk, just don’t want to make 742 trips to the post office haha)

SOLD!! 400x primary $25's (by rack only. $110 per rack) SOLD!!

SOLD!! 100x primary $25's (GO and a few 1st anniversary by rack only- $90) SOLD!!

900x primary $100's (G/VG condition, by rack only. $200 per rack)

100x primary $100's (VG/EX condition, by rack only. $250)

90x 70x secondary $500 (EX/NM condition, by lot only $375 $300)

300x 200x primary $1,000 (see description above and pictures - by rack only. $1000 per rack)

65x 60x primary $5,000 (see description above and pictures - by lot only. $750)

*Shipping and insurance not included. Willing to ship international at buyer's total risk and expense.

Think that covers it! I'll entertain offers and potential trades. Thanks all!! :)

OH! and not sure I'm allowed to do this, but if you like music and drinking, go watch happy hour sessions on YouTube haha :) it's a show I started a couple years ago. New episode out this afternoon!


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I want to see the set you are keeping! Your dream sets are our dream sets too. SHOW ME THE GOODS @TheJestyr
I’m still like 120 or something short on my $1k’s for this set! I only want to show my “complete” sets haha

But maybe tomorrow I’ll do a small photo shoot and at least let the Jack Detroits and Cinci’s show off a little haha :)
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