SOLD Jack 25 Secondary by the barrels and more

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Feb 27, 2019
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Okay, opening up the package the buyer didn't finish paying for and selling off the 25s before I split the rest! Dealer Buttons first rights goes to @Matthew627, 100s will be first rights to @Anthony Ferguson and then @domerhoo

Ill sell Jack 25 secondary Barrels for $45 per barrel plus shipping. I have 4 Racks of 25s, if you are looking for Racks PM me your offers. Once most the 25s are gone I will Reach out to everyone else on the rest. I would LOVE for someone to scoop in and take the entire package. PM a reasonable offer and I will send it off!

Packaged up and ready to ship are as follows

4 Racks of Jack 25 Secondary's
3 Racks of Jack 100 Primary's
Red and white Dealer Button
2 Cartamundi Bravo Set ups

None have been played by me, one of the cards was opened but not played with. Paypal F&F or Venmo Plus shipping.


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