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Mar 27, 2013
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​Have been looking for a new photo app for my phone so I can post some pron but all the free ones I've tried are kinda "meh". Anyone have a recommendation, free or pay. Thanks
I like Camera Bag 2.

It has 23 various filters/presets that enable you to choose and apply on your images. It also enables you to crop and utilize frames to your photos as well as adjust intensity of the filters after application to give them a refurbished look. If 23 presets do not serve your needs fully, you can upgrade your app to accommodate 30 presets/filters at a cost of $ 1.99.
There's this app called Beauty Camera on Android, which automatically enhances any photos you have on your phone to expert photoshop level.
Have a look and see if it's available on the App Store on your iPhone.

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