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Jun 8, 2017
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Scored a great deal on the marketplace this week. I was wondering if anyone had a background on either chip. The only information I found on Plantation was an illegal club in Moline IL. The bonus TRK chip I got nothing. Is this just someone’s home game chip or what?

I don't understand why this is a great deal or a collector item?
I thought I mentioned 190 were included in the find. Of course I grabbed probably the worst one to take a picture of. 3 total have burns.
For me it’s a big deal because you don’t normally find stuff like this on the marketplace in Iowa.

Nice find! These types of chips are great milling/labelling candidates if there's otherwise no chance of building a playable set (esp. with non-denoms).
For the love of Humanity - PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!!

EDIT: Beautiful vintage black LCV's with a cool looking hotstamp deserve to be preserved.
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If you ever feel the need to destroy these chips, get in touch. They can be replaced with SCV or RHC.

As for an ID on the SCrown chips, there used to be some kind of database of work orders or shipping bills from TRK. At least that's how I remember it.....

Not having access to ChipTalk or old links on old computers, someone else should remember/have a link. Paz is the man to ask. Is he still around?

EDIT: He is, in fact around. @PAZ
I like this "Plantation" (Hot Springs, Arkansas) as a better match for your chips:
It's a better match on the design of the hotstamp. There could have been a progression from Greek Key to Paulson LCV at some point(?).

The Moline, Illinois card room was "The Plantation":

Or, somebody could have copied someone else's hotstamp design somewhere along the way.

Did you find an exact match? If not, the Chip Guide is missing pictures of these beauties.
Old-school style stamp, LCV, and shiny hats all indicate sold by Christy & Jones and produced by Burt Co., prior to Paulson buying the mold.
I just saw here the difference between the two. Are you thinking this is an MD-77 item listed?
I just saw here the difference between the two. Are you thinking this is an MD-77 item listed?
There's a post somewhere that shows a closeup of the two (MD-76a and MD-77) with an explanation of die manufacturing differences - damned if I can find it though....
Also correct. The 'shiny' hats were due to how the mold cups were manufactured -- physically milled, vs chemically etched with the Paulson version.
Doing good thanks and you?

I’ve never seen that scrown before but I agree it would go great with the Plantations.

All things considered me and the family are doing good too.
Stay healthy my friend

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