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Oct 3, 2014
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Im AJ - I started buying chips after, going to a friends house and using his T&C set for a game called Between the sheets - we play it, whenever we are at hunting camps and I thought id like to have a set that travels with me - I bought a few hundred chips from Jim over at The Chip Room. "Empress Casino", I love them and have played with them countless times - My hunting buddies and myself Own companies that work in Gas and Oil and play the same game everywhere we go... From Canada to Argentina my chips come in a pelican Case locked and padded. a few months ago - the pot hit 16,000.00 I didn't have the chips to cover it, well i have a barrel of 5k but when the pot gets that large people start chipping away at it and i only have 2 barrels of 100's... so I decided to buy more empress chips accepting any reasonable offer. what i ended up with is a lot of 5's and a lot of 25's - I'm still looking for 100's and 1's (who isn't I guess). I found this forum and have been on Chip Talk for years - I have met some great people here already and found some amazing chips here. Because of how hard it is to find empress - i think i might start buying another set - not sure which one just yet. Tommy - Ski - Don - have all been very helpful already. I hope to learn as much as i can about the chip world and start collecting beautiful sets - I can not believe how addicting this is... I love it.

Hi AJ. Welcome to Poker Chip Forum. The Empress are great chips. Wow, $16K is a huge pot. Did you take it down?
Welcome Here AJ,
you'll have the opportunity to meet great chip addicted people :)
Thanks! everyone here has been great! by sunday morning i walked out 74.00 up... its never gotten that crazy before but an Ace king came out and the pot was at 4k - an ace dropped and i saw a man write an 8000 check... after that everyone was affraid to bet pot - so 500 at a time was the norm for a while.

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