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Apr 2, 2024
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Hello PCF, I think your forum is great.

I was looking for an adequate set after playing with a dollar store set for years, and discovered that you can spend massive amounts of money on collector's items to have the premium poker chip experience, which is intriguing.

I decided to start with a clay composite chip, and realized while this would be fine for "travel," I'd prefer something more robust for late nights with friends. I currently have a large set of Apache Royals on the way, and as somewhat of a poker newb, I have to ask if it's worth it to get more than 300 red chips to cover my 8 player bases in the future?

Happy hunting,

Welcome. The site has calculators if you need help calculating the amount chips you want. Also I recommend getting samples before going all in.
Hello and welcome!

"Clay composite" is just a buzzword which means "crappy ABS plastic". Avoid them as they are a waste of time and money.

No kidding, I should’ve posted here before buying some.

Nice to meet you all as well.
Welcome to PCF! Like most on this forum, you'll likely end up with multiple sets, of everything. ;)

Here's some suggestions:
Have fun!
That looks crazy tempting, thanks

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