Cancelled HS Cleveland by the rack, used. 1, 5, 25, 100, 500 (1 Viewer)

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Sep 18, 2021
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Horseshoe Cleveland set - used​

Now broken up by the rack.​

As previously seen from @SpaceMonkey420
This set has been broken up by the rack to make it more accessible to the PCF public.​

This is a Dibs sale. Post dibs in this thread on the racks you would like.

Dibs will be honored as called in the original thread, in order. If you called dibs in the previous thread, you will have "First Right of Refusal" (FRoR) on the racks until the end of Sunday, Nov 20. After that, all racks listed below are available to everyone.
Please note that I have slightly different prices than what was previously quoted by @SpaceMonkey420
All dibs will be handled in this forum and not through PMs, as I want a public record of who put a dibs on what chips. Only payment/shipping info will be sent through PMs.

Here are the Dibs from the previous thread and through PMs. There may be less racks than there are Dibs. In that case I will go in order as posted in the previous thread.
If you have a previous dibs, please reply in this thread if you want to buy at my price, or if you want to pass. Make sure to indicate how many racks you want. If I do not hear from you by Sunday, Nov 20, you will lose your dibs and racks will love to other previous dibs, then dibs in this thread, in that order.
If you dibs 3 racks and want more, than you will only get it if there no other dibs on those racks.

13 racks @arch3r :tup:
3 racks @Mongoose :tup:
3 racks @superchromix
3 racks @ekricket
1 extra rack @arch3r
1 rack@dukeshow33
51 rack@dukeshow33
252 racks@FordPickup92
100no dibs :confused
5001 rack @davislane
1 rack @paul sydney

All these Dibs will be settled over the weekend and I plan to ship next week (probably on next Wednesday).

Please check the pics for chip condition. More pics can be found on @SpaceMonkey420's thread (link above).

Here are the racks up for sale. This list can and will change. I'll post updates in the thread when it does change.

DescriptionPrice per rackQuantity available to Public / Not Dibs'ed


THC, used, shuffles great, fairly clean


Used, easy to shuffle, a few are dirty
$1806 "normal" racks

1 rack with 3 LE chips

1 rack all LE chips


used, very easy to shuffle, dirt


used, easy to shuffle, some dirt


very sharp, pretty clean. I can't say they're mint, but pretty damn close

Shipping to USA only.
Shipping is $11 for up to 3 racks. $17 for up to 6 racks.

Shipping can be combined with my other sale: Went Full PCF


If I had a Dibs in @SpaceMonkey420's thread, do I have to buy?
No, you can pass on your previous Dibs. Just post that you accept your dibs or pass on it, OR "I had 3 racks Dibs, and I only want 1 rack now" is also OK. This because the prices changed. Dibs can not be revoked if made in this thread.

Some racks show 0 available, why even list them for sale?
Because some dibs might be rescinded and that rack can then become available. So feel free to make a new Dibs on a rack that even shows 0 available. You might just get it.

Where are the 1K and above?
They might become available, but I'll probably keep them for my own use.

Are the 100s Bear Claws?
No, they are sloth claws.
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Still interested.
Ok! :tup: I I have you down for 3 racks of 1s.
Assuming that you’re in possession of the chips…
The reason it took so long to make this post, was that I didn't want to post until I had possession of them. It took that long for them to get to me.
But I definitely have them on hand.

Pictures coming soon.
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