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Apr 25, 2013
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Bramalea, Ontario
Joined up the other day, so I guess I better start one of these. More of a card junkie than a chip-a-holic, but it's really just a question of $$$. New cards are cheaper than new sets of chips . . . not that I do not have too many of either, but you get the point.
Welcome, I recognize your name from HP and CT.

I started out as a card junkie and found CT by looking for plastic playing card reviews. Now the chip bug has gotten me too.
Welcome! Thanks for checking us out and taking the time to sign up.
So do pretty much all card junkies play a lot of poker so they can put all those decks in play or is it more of a collector thing? Meaning, you buy decks but rarely use them? Just wondering.
I like to bring out the fancy stuff to make my players ooohh and aaahh. Generally do that at tournament time, when more players are around. For the regular game I generally just use the same deck of Piatniks, as they are a very durable card, and I have an orphan deck. The Da Vincis with their bright pastels were a big hit, but a little difficult to differentiate quickly. I have use my Platinum Acetates a couple times with more experienced players who might appreciate them more. A couple decks will never see play, like my Torcello Blancos from Dal Negro. I just bought them because of the oddity of an all white card back.
Welcome, Milo.

I was a diehard chip guy, and more recently got into cards.

Glad to see you are here!

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