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Nov 11, 2023
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Hi everybody! After years of playing poker I am trying to set up my home game, but in Europe it's so difficult both to find players and decent, non-overpriced chips.
I figured this forum could at least help me with the latter. Have been lurking for a while and I've seen some incredible collections. It's weird how much one can grow to like these little plastic discs, innit? I think I caught that fever tooo_O Stikl better than expensive cars for a midlife crysis, I guess.
Anyway, thanks to yall for all the chips pr0n! And I hope to find "the one" chipset for me here!
Hello fellow new member! Funny story, Italy is on my bucket list and may visit next year. I was planning on returning with a set of Abbiati chips.
I 'm currently in Shqiperia, but I am Greek.
Anyway, our three peoples are at least cousins. :)
I got it backwards! But yeah, the love is the same. Few countries as Italy, Greece and Albania have people that FEEL so close to each other. Always a pleasure!

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