How Often Do You Clean Your Chips? (1 Viewer)

What do you do to clean after every game?
I clean used ones I bring in, and not again until they visually become cruddy.
I have never cleaned my chips. I play once a month and we don't have food at the table so have never really seen a need.
Cleaning them after every game seems really excessive - unless you are playing with people who don't wash their hands after using the restroom and/or eat messy food while at the table. I've never cleaned my ASMs.
At the moment I'm hosting a game every 6-8 weeks. No food at the table allowed and also playing with different sets. Therefore haven't cleaned any of the chips yet. Once they show gunk it's time to clean them.
ugh...not in my house. i feed everyone before cards and keep the food upstairs for a reason.

We all eat before the game. We go to an amazing BBQ place before hand. Once playing poker we keep food away and if we decide to have a snack I make sure we all wash our hands before sitting down at the poker table again. That being said I've never washed my new chips because I haven't played with them yet... but my buddies old chips we washed probably once every few months... but then again his chips were dice so I don't think he really cared about them.
havent had to clean a set yet other then when i first get a used casino set. I will have to clean the lower denoms of the terrible set soon because the pinks and whites are a getting slightly grungy
I've bought every chip cleaning stuff but haven't bothered yet.
Some of my chips really need cleaning.
Wish there was a Chip Cleaning Service Ltd!!!
After every game? I've got 2,000 chips in play twice a month. If I did that, it would be a full time job. We've been playing for 10 years, twice a month and I've cleaned all chips 3 times. Only after they become apparently gunky....
Anyone recall the heavily used PCA primaries? I threw them into Oxyclean and smoke arose, fizzles and I'm quite certain some of the air was briefly sucked into some vortex on each batch....and due to this, no food nor funk allowed at the table....I will not test the fragility of the environment again!
literally never.

Me either.

I will sometimes clean dirty used chips when I receive them, but have never cleaned a set once it's been put in play. Never needed to.
never had to clean a set - YET. Just only when I receive old used chips I will clean them well.
My terribles I got a few years back are finally starting to see some gunk build up in the last 6-8 months. They will need a quick bath soon I reckon.
This thread reminds me that I've got 2 ASM Truman's House quarters downstairs with a very slight mustard on them. Other than that, they've never needed cleaning. Also, after almost 4 years of playing with them, they shuffle like buttah.
Once, if they are used chips. I can not imagine doing that chore over and over again.

Keeping the smokers out of the poker room and food/drink off the table will keep your chips clean.

Reading this prevented me opening a new topic I've had on my mind... I've been curious about the comments I've read (elsewhere) about some chips getting gunkier than others (namely Paulsons, of which I've just bought a set) and I just can't figure out how people's chips are getting so gunky in the first place. I'm with most above - my friends eat before the game and chips/snacks stay off the table. Basic hygiene seems to keep chips clean. Haven't cleaned my China clays once in 5 years and they are fine. That said, I don't use them as often as many of you guys.

If I ever bought ex casino chips I'd probably spend a month cleaning them, even if they looked clean haha :)
All of my current sets are bought new/mint between 2010-2012 and played maybe 20 times each. No need to clean them yet.

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