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Different strokes for different folks, but both have a place. I also prefer chips with inlays, but hotstamp fracs in a set with inlays works. A hot stamp tournament set is... well... hot and if I played more tournaments would be a set I already have or would be on the to-do chipping list.
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That low key elitism - I think these are some of the best chips on the planet. This is the equivalent of the Black Card

I’m green with envy!

Am I the only one on here that doesn't go GA-GA over Hot Stamped poker chips? I own a few samples from the Vegas Casinos, but I much prefer
the labelled chips with designs rather than hot stamping.
They're not for me, but to each his own. I just prefer the art and color of inlays.
The hot stamps seem to exude more permanence than the inlays. My main gripe with hot stamps in that they are almost all gold or silver. It would be cool to see how else this could be used with different colors...
I like hot stamps. But most of the new Vegas $1 hot stamps seem to be designed to make the chip look intentionally shittier and cheaper. Reduce harvesting and lower costs.

If they were THC hot stamps I'd shut up immediately because that would be excellent for harvesting, but I have no interest in RHC.

Don't like a single new LV hot stamp compared to the original labeled counterpart.

Is Sam's Town $1 still THC hot stamp?
That low key elitism - I think these are some of the best chips on the planet. This is the equivalent of the Black Card

I’m green with envy!

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Absolutely love those Dimes and don't tell that guy asking about full sets how long it took me to put those back together... but also how long it took to get them clean! Most know it takes special attention to clean hot stamps and not wipe away all of the gold foil. That rack took over a week of 4 - 6 hour evenings to get them clean. I believe these were made in 1961... that's some old hooker juice baked into them.

But they paired beautifully with the PH $.50 chips (another rack built a chip at a time)

Just kinda thrown together and far from minty chips... like many others I was way late to the TRK game... but I think it works well

But the real joy of building a set like that is getting them on the felt at a meet up and allowing other chip enthusiasts the opportunity to play a set you don't see everyday.

As you are well aware @Machine ... when you get the head nod from the veterans... that's when you built something! Haha

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