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Found Horseshoe Cincinnati Snappers (1 Viewer)

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Apr 8, 2015
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Hey PCF Fam! Hold up

Droppin’ another WANTED AD Lol :cool

Looking for 200 (2 racks) of these beauties


(Photo from @btshat )

I regrettably passed on 2 racks about a month ago, but gonna give this a shot.
I’m giving this search a week, by then I’ll be ready to relabel my murdered Jack Detroit Snappers, then I’ll call it on these.
The Jack Snappers would be available for trade first or sale if not wanted in a trade.

Thank you very much for looking and good journey :tup:
Are you selling those milled chips or using them yourself for another project?
I would have those murdered Jack Snappers for trade for horseshoe cinci Snappers.
If I can’t find soon, I’ll be using them in my project.
Got labels ready to go for em, but I’m in a holding pattern to see if these cinci’s turn up somewheres :cool
Are those the Jack's chips @mattross1313 was talking about? If so, which chip denomination and what's the average price per rack of those chips? Those would work great too for my .50c relabels
Yes, these are Jack $2.50’s (Snappers) and will be an Aransas Queen .5¢ in my set.
I believe they go for about $250+ per rack. Beautiful minty sharp chips! Folks, including myself love the Jacks.
So I won’t be mad at not finding the Horseshoe’s :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:
Have you asked @ssanel54 if he still has 2 racks of the snappers available or who he sold them to? You gotta get your dream chips... Then I can get mine too :whistle: :whistling: :tup:
I love how everyone on here is so helpful. Great community of people
Same. I help every chance I get, but I’m far from a vet with experience and knowledge.
Gaining alil everyday.
Lot of classy folk here.
Only social media Im reasonably active with (F FB for realz :ROFL: :ROFLMAO:)
Thank you very much for you help friend :tup:
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