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Jan 14, 2018
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South Dakota
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Is that just a type-o where it says $500 to prize pool (if it’s a $1000 tournament?)
Are you really doing $20 add-ons in a $1,000 tournament? For how many chips?
This is what I run with for high roller, we start with 300k last time we ran it with 25 people and 4 re-buys, lasted 6 hours
20 Min Levels
SmallBigBB Ante
$1,000$1,000$300,000 Highroller Tourney
$1,000$2,00010 player with re-buys
$1,000$3,0001 TableMulti Table
$2,000$4,000$4,000starting stack ofstarting stack of
Break 7 Minutes15 $100010 $1000
$3,000$6,000$6,00012 $50008 $5000
$4,000$8,000$8,0009 $2500010 $25000
$8,000$16,000$16,000Chip Breakdown
Break 10 MinutesRemove $1,000300 $1,000
$10,000$20,000$20,000250 $5,000
$15,000$30,000$30,000300 $25,000
$20,000$40,000$40,000100 $100,000
$30,000$60,000$60,00050 $500,000
Break 7 Minutes2 $1,000,000
$50,000$100,000$100,000BB is posted before
$75,000$150,000$150,000Ante is posted if
$100,000$200,000$200,000Player can't cover both
Break 10 MinutesRemove all $5,000 some $25,000
$150,000$300,000$300,000Ante reduced to SB
$200,000$400,000$400,000at 4 players left
$300,000$600,000$600,000Ante removed
Break 10 MinutesRemove $25,000at heads up
Break 10 Minutes
Forgot we actually started with $250,000 with a $50,000 on time bonus. We had 23 on time, 2 late. So all the Late Folks and Re-buys were $250,000. Funny thing was that one of the late guys won!
Thanks, I like your structure, looks fun! For mine, I want this to be a pretty deep stacked tournament. Doing a 300k stack but starting at 1k BB - while totally reasonable - would sort of undo the deep stack nature of the tournament. Especially since my blinds start out with very short levels but then gradually lengthen.
Impressions, thoughts, suggestions welcomed. Thank you!
Imo, you need to add a 100/300 level to avoid doubling the blinds in L3. Slicing the stacks in half after just 30 minutes of play seems silly and pointless.

With 20 total entries, I estimate the event will end somewhere around L24-L25, or about 10 hours plus breaks. Add or subtract ~ 1 hour for every 10-entries of variance (10 entries=9 hours, 40 entries=12 hours).
I am in agreement with adding a 100/300 level.

Maybe I am hung up on things that really don't matter.

Not really seeing the point of 1500BB's. Why not start with 20 minute levels, beginning with 100/200, and 400BB's?

Why let players buy back into the game with 7.5BB's? (Cut off the rebuy period at the second break.)

The buy-in is $1,000. Why not charge $50 for the dealer add-on or simply skip the add-on and deduct the $20 sum from the buy-in?
More importantly, why am I giving feedback to an opinion thread 7 months old?

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