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Feb 21, 2024
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Need some help setting up a poker tournament. Me and my friends get together and play poker on the weekends. About 6-8 people. Recently bought a new poker set and need some help setting up a poker game. Things like blind structure starting stacks and etc. We’re just tryna have fun so the max buy in is probably 10-20 dollars.
These are the chips I have
150 $1
150 $5
100 $25
50 $50
50 $100
Probably not getting many replies because this is a very popular question. Use the search tool is the #1 answer. Good luck.
As stated, there are many posts on this subject. However, you should also consider how long you want the tournament to run, whether you will allow rebuys, etc. If everyone is newer to playing a faster tournament where you can possibly get two games in a night could make sense.

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