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Nov 7, 2014
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I got a very fortunate job offer in a great town that has a <1% real estate market including the storage units, rentals, and homes for sale. It was a no-brainer, took the job without hesitation. Moved here in late September 2014, crammed all of my stuff in storage, and was fortunate enough to move in with a family member. I have been very depressed about our situation due to the fact that I graduated with my doctorate in 2010 and would think I could at least rent an apartment for cryin out loud based on my income and great credit. Instead, I have been living with my fiance and all 3 of our cats in my brothers bonus room for the last 9 months!! We have been searching diligently for ANY type of housing/apartment, but everyone seems to know about everything before it gets listed. Houses here are going a day or 2 after they are listed and they are going for $10-30K over asking. Buyers are paying all closing costs and are extremely desperate. We have viewed nearly 600 homes online and physically viewed nearly 100 with ZERO success. We have made 3 offers on houses we liked in the last 9 months. Our first offer back in January was green....we didn't know what was happening here and asked for way too much (closing costs, appliances etc). Our offer on the second house we liked, back in March, was the best offer and still somehow we lost it to an inferior offer. On Wednesday we had an accepted offer on a home. When my agent told me I actually came to tears because I felt like it was never going to happen! We get to move in to our first house on 8/1 and I achieved a goal: to buy my first home before I hit 40 (I will be 40 when we finally move in, but whatevs)! I feel blessed and I can't believe this is finally happening! Just thought I would share this with you guys. EXTREMELY EXCITED!!
That's awesome. Congratulations!
Awesome. Congrats man. There is definitely something special about owning a little piece of this world.
Congratulations! Yeah, the PNW housing market is pretty crazy right now. Is it similar in other parts of the states?
It's a great feeling. Opening that door the first time with the keys, walking into your empty house, ready to fill it up the way you want. congrats

We probably put in 30 offers while we were looking over the course of 6 months
Awesome! Grats on being king of your new new castle. Time to build a poker table?
Very cool to hear, I'm 38 and still have yet to own my first house (hope you got in on some of those first-time home buyer deals/programs available). Looking forward to seeing before and after pics once you're settled!

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