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Nov 6, 2014
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Ok, so its only a home game tourney, but so far I have the best HH of the season.

20 players. We all pitch in 10 bucks. The best NLHE hand after 11 games wins the 200.

SAT night we had a HO tourney (took second place for 300). Early in the tourney I pick up Pocket Aces oop. I raise pre flop and get a few callers. Flop is A/A/7. Outstanding. I check. Next dude bets half the pot. Folds to me. I call. Turn is a Q. I check again. He checks. Damn..........River is garbage. I throw out a 1/3 pot size bet. He tanks for a minute and folds.

With 4 games left in the season I have the high hand of A/A/A/A/Q.
Yes I think you have that locked up, barring a straight flush of course. Was a good night for you!
With four games left I wouldn't sell it to anyone, if that's what you're asking. Congrats on the $200 score!

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