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Apr 25, 2013
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47 player fundraiser so there's a bunch of wild card players of whom I can mostly identify.

Big hand #1:

Hero has been betting a lot, somewhat aggressive. Hero plays with villain often, he's a very solid player and is currently the 2nd best player in our league. Hero is button, villain is SB. Hero has KdJh. Hero raises 3x preflop with blinds at 100/200. Hero is 2nd biggest stack and villain is big stack.

Villain calls preflop. Flop comes AdQc10d. Villain bets just under half the pot, hero raises 2.5x. Villain calls.

Turn comes 7s. Villain checks, hero bets around half the pot. Villain calls.

River comes 5d. Villain checks.

What's your action?


Hand #2:

Hero has Ad9d. Villain is a little unknown, he knows how to play poker fine but I saw him calling large-ish bets with just top pair, no kicker and chasing draws.

Villain calls preflop action, hero is behind villain and hero raises 3x. All folds, villain calls. Flop comes 8d 4d Jh. Villain bets 1/3 pot, hero calls. Turn comes Jd. Villain bets just under half the pot. Hero shoves. Hero is the bigger stack which puts villain all in with who has about 5x his last bet behind. Villain folds. Was this too aggressive? Should I have just called or min-raised to try to extract more on the river?
First off, I encourage OP to split his posts into separate threads. One hand per thread is a good standard for discussion.

Hand #1 We don't have stack sizing which is essential to proceed. The smaller Hero's stack relative to the pot, the more I want to bet the river. If small enough, I would have voted to jam the turn. Half pot bets give the flush draws barely improper odds to draw. Hero needs to be spot on with his reads to make such small bet sizing profitable.

Hand #2 I can't understand why hero doesn't raise the flop. This is a great flop for A9s, let's try to use our fold equity and keep Hero's hand obscure. Raise preflop, call the flop donk bet says "I have a draw" or "I have a set". Hero would raise the flop bet if he had QQ, so act like you have it. On a good night villain will have Jx and stack off.

As played, Hero's turn raise is a little too large for the villain to call. It seems like the bet is just over pot sized, maybe Hero could have broken the bet into bite sized chunks? The problem is, hero has told a story about his hand that says he has the flush or better. An observant/capable villain is not likely to be enthusiastic about paying another bet.

Agree with the good Doctor, one hand per strat thread is a good rule of thumb.

As it stands:

Hand #1: I am betting this river, I don't think Villain is normally check-raising with a rivered flush, usually they're leading out to extract value. I expect to be ahead here and bet half the pot.

Hand #2: I probably just call and let Villain hang themselves on the river since they seem intent on it.

Also, helps to know stack sizes as that is a crucial element of determining our correct play.
Hand 1 is usually a bet. Given we have villain as solid, we wouldn't expect him to check a flush often here. With <2x pot behind we should be betting 1/2 pot. If we have more than that we should certainly have been betting bigger earlier.
Hand 2, I think we should raise smaller on the turn. Keep about 1/2 your stack to bet on the river.
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I wasn't aware of the standard of one hand per thread. I don't post much in hand analysis which is also why I'm probably missing some important information to help analyze the hand.

For the first hand, villain and I are both deep stacked. There's been multiple rebuys at our table with me and him taking most of the chips. Villain has about 18k and hero has about 15k, if not more. We had 500 value chips and under so it was hard to count all the stacks of 100's and 25's which neither of us stacked properly.

I had been betting half the pot for nearly all of my bets throughout the game.

I agree with everyone that I should have bet the river. After checking behind both the villain and another friend at the table were shocked I checked it. Especially due to the fact that I had a big blocker for the flush as I was holding the Kd. Looking back I realize that I can't really put him on a flush draw that makes sense.

For hand #2, I didn't raise the flop because the villain was a bit of a calling station. He had been calling most of my raises all game so I don't want to be raising the flop only to have him call and then continue to fire on the turn and river even if I miss knowing that he would probably call me down. Once I hit though, I probably should have slowed it down. Unless villain has the J, he's not calling and if he does have it, he could potential boat up on the river.

Sounds like 2 poorly played hands. Throughout the night these were the only two hands which stood out as misplayed. Good to know that at least in hindsight I can see my mistakes.
I probably would have value bet the river on the first hand. The second hand looks fine to me. Maybe you could raise the flop, but I think there is something to be said for varying play. I personally raise my flush draws about half the time there. Btw you want him to call if he has a bare jack, he'll only boat up 10 out of 44 times. 9 if he has AJ or J9.

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