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Jul 29, 2015
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I used to be on the chip forums a lot but stopped playing poker for a while. Now I'm starting to play in home games again and decided I should go ahead and get a cash set (Garden City Paulsons) and a tourney set (custom Chipco/Game On). Old habits die hard. Hope to post pics of a Chipco set soon. Best, Kyle.
Welcome! Glad to hear you're back in the game, and looking forward to seeing your custom ceramic design.
Welcome back!. Share your design when you get it done. There are many folks here that can help as well. Great ideas from this forum!
great to see you again, Kyle. hope you held onto your beautiful sets that i remember ogling, particularly that Matsui Big Game set.
A former Windy City Blowout Tourney champ! Welcome back!
Jeff, seeing the WCB posts recently brought back some great memories. Still feel bad about cracking your AT with A3 but enjoyed that tournament and weekend so much.
Welcome back. Where have you been? I've hosted less games lately due to my triplets having sporting events all over the country. PM me if you are interested in playing sometime. But it looks like you have moved to VA???? I'm BMFD on the blue board.

jbutler, I got to play with those Matsuis, very nice, but I believe he sold the city of oaks awhile back. I really wish I could have handled those sweet Olivias he had.
Good to hear from you. Yeah, moved a little over a year ago. Had some cool sets, sadly no more.

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