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Jan 17, 2023
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San Diego, CA
Hello from sunny San Diego. I've been a long time reader but thought I'd finally check in. I haven't played much in the past couple years, and I'm pretty happy with my current set of Nexgen Pro Classic chips. Despite that fact, the group buys for ceramic chips are certainly tempting. I would love to have something a bit more colorful and unique.
However, I am also a cheapskate. So until I'm hosting more regularly I think I will mostly be just admiring others creations and playing with concepts in inkscape (For example what a rounders set might look like with a better bear).

IMG_2065 3.jpg1705476622652.png
Hello fellow So Cal member! Don't forget to add yourself to the members map so we can see how many of us are here for a home game. lol
Welcome to the forum…I think a lot of us started out as cheapskates and then realized how easy it becomes to talk yourself in to “investing” a lot more than you ever thought you would in chips

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