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Jun 19, 2023
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Montreal, CA
Got linked this forum from a redditor last week and figured since I'm looking for a few specific pieces this might be the best place to come to!
I have a small collection where I try to get one chip from every Vegas casino, historical or otherwise. Just for fun I guess, my wife and I got married in Vegas and go there a few times a year so this is a fun side project to work on.
Nice meeting yall!

Hello and welcome! I actually picked up my PCF habit during the Reddit blackout. Nice collection, love that Aria $1.
It seems the reddit blackout is doing good in making us rediscover the internet!
My favorite chip from the collection is the $5 Cosmo from its grand opening day. It's not particularly old or super valuable but hey, a nice token from my favorite hotel.
Never stayed at the Cosmo before, love their interior though.

How would you compare Caesars vs MGM properties?
IMO the vibe is very different. The Cosmo isn't going after the gambling crowd and knows it. The food options are amazing and I love the rooms. Having a balcony looking over the Bellagio fountains for the price of a regular room elsewhere is a no brainer for me.

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